This page contains a number of links to websites that I deem interesting or rewarding in a fortification, and especially Regelbau context. Obviously the Internet have many more pages that somehow are concerned with war and fortification techniques, but the ones listed here are worth your while. If you have qualified leads to other serious pages, please drop me a line.

Last updated: 2008.01.21


  Atlantic Wall in Denmark
The Atlantic Wall in Denmark
Language: English

A serious and somewhat "technical" page, listing and presenting photos of different types of Regelbau from Army, Air Force and Marine.

Language: English and German

A page with lots of information and maps showing fortified positions and bunker museums in Jutland. Lots of photos and a list of relevant literature.

Bunker X-site
Language: English

Lots of photos from the Danish part of the Atlantic Wall. Feature "Photo of the day" and RSS-feed option.

Language: English

A very thorough and authoritative page, dedicated to German WW2 Luftwaffe activities in Denmark. "Gyges" is the name of an enormous 4-storey bunker, built by the Nazi invaders and still in use today by the Royal Danish Air Force. 

Atlantic Wall in Europe
Language: English

A very thorough site comprising lots of maps and photos on battery positions in France and England, and with an extremely comprehensive links portal.

Atlantikwall Website
Language: English and some Dutch

A somewhat messy site that is no longer updated and with a mix of English and Dutch text, but... lots of good info to be retrieved here.

Language: English

A comprehensive page that among other things concern itself with various bunker parts and types of Atlantic Wall armament. 

Deutsches Atlantikwall-Archiv
Language: German

DAWA's homepage has descriptions of many locations along the Wall and has many excellent photos.

Dutch & English

This comprehensive Dutch/English website is a well of information on and photos of the entire Normandy coast, the landing beaches, the fortifications and much more. 

Specific places along the Atlantic Wall
Language: English

An excellent age with photos and descriptions from; Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, England, Spain and Estonia. 

Festung St. Nazaire
Language: French and a little English

This page may seem confusing at first, but make no mistake. Lots of good information to get here, i.e. lots of Regelbau blueprints (look under Typologie)

Dictionary-type pages
Lexikon der Wehrmacht
Language: German

Facts on the German Wehrmacht during WW2.

Language: German

A panser-dictionary with all sorts of information on German WW2 armament. Observe: Some pop-up commercials.

History pages
Wochenschau Archive
Language: German & English

An exciting research-page, where Newsreels from WW2; Göbbels speeches, front reports, demonstration of new wonder weapons etc. can be downloaded. All the old Nazi-propaganda


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